Payment method: Payoneer

For those who wonder how do you get paid from Chaturbate, the method I am using is Payoneer.

Since Chaturbate doesn’t work with Paypal, this is the most convenient method for me.

Here I will describe how to get started with Payoneer and the fees they charge.

Sign up procedure:

  • When signing up you will have to provide your ID. Even though they say the procedure will take some time,  the procedure itself took about couple of minutes.
  • Afterwards, a MasterCard will be shipped to you. It took me a week to receive it.

    Payoneer account approved

    Payoneer account approved


    • Once you receive your first payment, Payoneer will charge you 29.95$ an annual fee. If you don’t have money on your account, you will not be charged any fee (you cannot have a debt to Payoneer).PayTransactions
    • Every time you receive a payment, you will be charged 2$ for a standard load fee, that takes couple of days or 5$ for an immediate one (I always choose standard, since I don’t need it urgently).
      Payoneer loading fee

      Payoneer loading fee


    • For paying something with the card there is no fee. For withdrawing you have to pay 3.15$ per transaction.
      Payoneer fees

      Payoneer feesIt might seem like a lot of fees.. but that’s the way it is. Everyone wants a piece 🙂

      If you decide to sign up please use my link. You and I will get 25$ extra for using my link (you will not get it, if you will sign up by yourself directly on the website).

Sign up on Payoneer

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2 Responses

  1. DarkoBin says:

    and what about paypal?

    • Chat Slut says:

      Chaturbate doesn’t pay via Paypal, so that’s not an option

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