How to chat with a live girl for free on Chaturbate

Instead of wasting hours on Chatroulette, ChatRandom or whatever it is you are using and hoping to find a free sex chat with girl that will actually watch you masturbate, I will share with you a method that worked for me.

I am doing this, with a hope that you will click on my link. This will give me a small amount of money. However, the method I am describing is real and you will see screenshots that prove it. Besides, sex chats are pretty expensive, so everyone deserves a free sex chat once in a while 🙂

Note that I am not saying that this is the best method or the only one, but it works.

The idea behind this method is:

  1. Earn money or tokens that you can use on Chaturbate directly, by performing or by signing up some users (affiliate – read my other post about that).
  2. Use the money to a free sex chat on Chaturbate or on some other live cams website.

So let’s begin!

I am going to describe only how to make money by performing, since affiliating is a whole subject on it’s own..

  1. Go to Chaturbate and sign up.
    Nice thing about Chaturbate is that you can see already a full performance for free. That is not the same on LiveJasmin, for example. There the shows are very limited and the real action is only shown when you are paying for a private show.
  2. Afterwards, click on BROADCAST YOURSELF.
    You can then easily setup your room. Afterwards, other users can already visit it and watch you do your stuff and offer you a private session.. This is already an interesting alternative to sites like Chatroullete..
    But to earn money/tokens from your performance, you will need to apply for a paid performer.
  3. When applied you will be asked to provide your full name + birthday + upload an ID. Chaturbate promises not to share this info with anyone. It is required for legal purposes and on any website. Note: For those who plan to perform with their face, you can choose not to broadcast to specific countries, like your home country, to avoid being recognized. I felt much more at ease with this option..
  4. Start broadcasting and receiving tips. Of course, the better you are the bigger tips you will receive, but from experience, just showing yourself masturbating in front of the cam (make sure you choose the right angle!) is already enough. You will see that some users perform just for that, not for the tokens. In other words, for some it’s already a free sex chat.

    Performing is also a free sex chat in a way..

    Here is a typical session. Instead of using Chatroulette, I am making some tokens on Chaturbate

  5. You can also sell nude photos/movies from your profile. This will even work when you’re offline.

    Paid pics gallery

    Paid pics gallery

  6. Once you have enough tips, you can chat with a Girl/Couple/Lesbians/Trans. Most performers have an option to go to a private chat, where they will perform for you and you can show yourself and they might even enjoy watching it.. 🙂

Better than Chatroulleting, if you ask me.. That’s it! Enjoy!

Please click on the link below. It’s completely the same for you if you sign up through it or not, but I will get some money from it.

20 Responses

  1. bro1231 says:

    Great guide! will give it a try

  2. Wauter John says:

    Thx bro!

  3. MrDickins says:

    Can I use a fake ID?

    • Chat Slut says:

      You mean for performing?
      No idea.. probably there are ways, but you are risking to be banned any minute..

  4. ribbonssuck says:

    What if I am under 18?

  5. Amy Chan says:

    I am doing this already for a while. any tips how to earn more?

    • Chat Slut says:

      Couple of tips our of my head:

      1. There are more active and less active hours.
      2. You can do a lot by promoting your channel on the web. Combine this with paid photos/videos.
      3. Choose good angles when performing. This can completely change how you look..

  6. Magneto says:


  7. masturbator says:

    I actually tried you method.
    Took me about 2 months to start earning enough to have a normal free chat.
    The thing is with that is over time your profile goes higher eventually in the list, but I have to say since I masturbate anyway, it didn’t matter to me. I was just doing my thing..

  8. loli22 says:

    what you are describing here is a known method..
    Guys will be masturbating anyway, so why not to do it on cam right?

  9. limbuk_john says:

    Finally my cumshots will not go to waste

  10. tumbz1110 says:

    yesterday I forgot to turn off my cam and realized it much much later and still got some tips while doing my stuff but while I was jacking I was getting less weirddd lol

  11. alena_romanova says:

    I am actually a lady and I am willing to try modeling but don’t want to have my face recognized… i am considering for yars already, dunno what to do

  12. limanrub says:

    and then screenshots of your dick will be all over the web..

  13. shimurzzz says:

    pff maybe that’s why there is much more dick on chaturbate now

  14. rohitpashkok says:

    I’m Indian. Are Indians allowed?

  15. zibrapuuf says:
  16. rohitkibi1 says:

    can’t get verified they don’t accept my id

  17. mohmdgibr says:

    I uploaded the ID of my friend and it worked also….

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