Chaturbate affiliate: How I make 60$/month passively

I would like to share with you how I make 60$/month from Chaturbate affiliate program for a reason that if you decide to try it, I hope you will do it through my affiliate link (same for you, right?)

I am using the Chaturbate program that pays users 1$ per signup and it works pretty well. Also using the RevShare program, but rarely.

The only promotion I did for my Chaturbate affiliate program was via Favsync public pages. Basically, Favsync allows you to create pages with content in them, bookmarks, notes and etc. and if you choose the title well, it ranks decently on Google.

Here are just two of my public pages:

You will see that I put the first two bookmarks as my affiliate link and the last as a link to this website and all the rest are not, just to make it look more natural.
If you will search for things like:
“Sites like Livejasmin” – 1st result
just “livejasmin” – somewhere on the 4th page, but 1,830,000 mothly search queries for “livejasmin” and 673,000 for “live jasmin” still bring me some traffic. You can see the amount of visits on the Favsync page (last time I checked: 96308 visits)
“myfreecams” – 6th page.
and there are more 10 pages I own, not all as good.

Anyway, since I have about 10 public pages in total, all of them “sites like…” the public pages get some traffic. You can see the amount of visits per public page when you open it. So far, I had no problems with banned public pages on FavSync or things like that.
Note that it took about a month for the results to come in!
This is something I would love to improve massively.. so that the results will be higher.

Let me show you my Chaturbate logs of earnings:

For those who are wondering, YES, THEY PAY. no problems I had with them. Here is proof:

That’s basically it. Feel free to ask me questions in the comments.

UPDATE: seems like Chaturbate RevShare program is much more profitable. I will report back in a month if that’s really the case.

UPDATE: After years of using Chaturbate RevShare is averagely 5 times more profitable. Note that you get 1$ per referred user only from selected countries (for example users from India will not give you anything)

That’s it! Now go and make some money!
PLEASE: if you decide to give it a try use the link below (it is same for you).

Start making money with Chaturbate!

9 Responses

  1. Six Packs says:

    Looks legit!

  2. sienko33 says:

    Can you provide more details about the 1$ per signup vs. revshare program? why is it better?

    • Chat Slut says:

      Just because averagely you will earn more. That is based on my experience and based on other posts I read about. But it also depends on the quality of the traffic.
      You can Google that stuff, there are tons of discussions about this..

  3. Marina Linx says:

    It’s nice that you explain about using the affiliate link 🙂

  4. Sweetass192 says:

    Why are you not putting any images with ALT tags on your favsync pages?

  5. samir abdul says:

    weird that is scores that high, since there are almost no texts..

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